Video info MP4

MPEG-4 Part 14 (MP4) files can store multimedia such as audio, video and subtitles. This type of file is commonly used by Apple and other mobile product manufacturers. It allows you to use audio, static images or video. This includes audio books, songs, movies, videos, photos and podcasts. MPEG-4 is a format often used for online video streaming. Many MP3 players position themselves as devices capable of playing MP4s. But this simply means that such a player can play audio files and some video formats (and not always real MP4 files). Video and audio files with MP4 extension can be both downloaded and broadcasted (online – free or paid, for example, via iTunes). Do you want to convert your videos to the universal MP4 format? Try to use this MP4 video converter.

Technical information about MP4 files
The MP4/MPEG-4 format, released in 2001 according to ISO/IEX 14496-1:2001 standard, uses AAC encoding technology that provides lossy compression to prevent the user from copying data. However, digital video and audio data contained in an MP4 file are more frequently played back online than sent by e-mail. It is this situation that opposes this format to MPEG (audio/video), since MP4 files may also contain other data – file name, file information, as well as images. It should be noted that MPEG-4 files have only one extension – MP4. Introducing data into an MPEG-4 Part 14 file often requires the use of separate streams (using comment tracks that are included in the stream).