How to download video from Vimeo

Vimeo is the second most popular video hosting after YouTube. And like the famous YouTube, Vimeo suffers from the lack of opportunity to download videos from it. Of course, the service itself does not suffer from this, but we, ordinary users – suffer very much. So, is there anything you can do if you need to download some video from Vimeo for a while?

MediaHuman YouTube Downloader provides a simple and effective answer to this question, despite the fact that the name of the program mentions a competing video hosting. Below you will find a simple guide to downloading videos from Vimeo.

This guide is written using the Mac version, the order for Windows or Linux is no different.

Install the program
Download the program from our website and install it. It won’t take more than a minute.

Find a video on Vimeo that you want to save.
Open your browser and go to Find the video you would like to download with MediaHuman YouTube Downloader. Then, copy the address of this video to the clipboard.

Copy the link to the Vimeo video to the clipboard.
Paste the copied URL into the program
Open YouTube Downloader and paste the video address on Vimeo using the Insert URL button on the application toolbar. Your selected clip should appear in the list. Information about the video will appear in the same list.

Insert a link to the Vimeo video in the program.
Choose a video saving format
MediaHuman YouTube Downloader supports a huge variety of video formats in which you can save video from Vimeo. The default option is to save the clip as is, i.e. in the original MP4 format with the original quality.

Choose an output format for saving
Select Video and audio or audio only
Perhaps you don’t want the whole clip, just the audio track from it? No problem! Do you see the switch on the toolbar?

Select the save mode
That’s it! You can download it!
Everything is ready for you to download video from Vimeo service. Click the Start button opposite the desired video in the list to download it. Or, if there are several clips in the list, you can click the Start All button on the toolbar.

Start downloading video from Vimeo
While the videos are being downloaded, you can continue working with the program: add new clips to the list or view the already downloaded ones.

Here we go!